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Rana-Allen questions her Indian heritage through British eyes. It is with this in mind as a cultural insider she interprets its coded behaviour relatable to both east and west. Her art describes the British-Indian female identity through biology (the external appearance of the Indian female as perceived by white society), construct (the influences on the upbringing of the female) and ideology (the lived experience and aspirations of the female). This is informed by the context of her personal life experiences as the British Indian woman, who has an Indian body (biology) a western mind (construct), constantly reminded that she is not ‘white’ (ideology). The perception of this ‘Indian body’ is explored through both practice and theory.
The artworks reveal Rana-Allen's personal experience of sexuality, femininity, womanhood, motherhood as artist and researcher, by embodying being Indian and British but never English.
PhD Candidate - Chelsea College of Art, UAL 
(2022 updates coming soon)
2019 The Triangle Space, “Remi Rana Allen: HOLES” Chelsea, London
2016 The Window Gallery, “Seven Years of This” Bucks

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2020 “Continual Unease” London postponed 
2020 The Other Art Fair,20/20 A Brief Survey. The Truman Brewery, London postponed
2020 “Discursivity” Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea, London postponed 
2020 “Discursivity” Camberwell, London
2019 “The Portico Show” British School at Rome, Rome. Italy 
2016 “Collective Show” Terrencina, Naples. Italy 
2012 “United Front” London Print Studios, London. UK 
2012 “United Front” The Red Shed, Buckinghamshire. UK 
2012 “Collective Show” The Rose Garden, Buckinghamshire. UK

2011 “Collective Show” The Rose Garden, Buckinghamshire. UK

Events, Publications & Media: 
“HOLES” Online Publication December 2019

“BLAME Brown Leaders and Makers Exist” Online launch November 2019 
“Featured Artist” Online publication Bespoke Framing 2019 
“The Mead Report.” Online Publication. September 2019 
“Summer at the BSR.” Online Blog. August 2019 
“Birthday Boy” Executive Producer. April 2019 
“Terrencina.” Online Publication. July 2016 
2016 DMM & FSH Conference Bucks New Uni 
2016 Ethics Presentation Bucks New Uni 
2016 Ethics Presentation Bath Spa University 
Honors and Awards:

The Mead Award British School at Rome Italy 2019
BLAME, Brown Leaders and Makers Exist, Post Grad Interest Group, Founder. 2019 
TrAIN, UAL, Joined 2018 
IMDb 2019

Chelsea College of Art UAL PhD Candidate Practice Based 2018

Bucks New Uni MPhil Practice Based 2017 

Bucks New Uni MA Fine Art Printmaking 2012 
Norwich School of Art BA Hons. Graphic Design 1992 
Harrow School of Art Foundation Diploma Art and Design 1989
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