"Few collections of art manage to address multiple themes as expertly as Remi Rana Allen’s Holes exhibition, held at Chelsea College of Art in the autumn of 2019. With vision, a broad range of techniques and a degree of courage which many of us would fail to match, the Buckinghamshire-based artist explores modern perspectives on gender politics, sexual mores and the complex intersections of culture, language, nationality and identity. Holes offers the viewer an emotive experience fuelled by Allen’s personal history and redemption from personal trauma. As she explains, “My practice mirrors the slow dilution of my cultural heritage as it seeps further from my grasp,” an evolving journey that seeks to investigate, and ultimately define, British-Asian female identity. If all this sounds intimidating, think again. Although Holes tackles life’s biggest and darkest subjects – the psychology of sex and the fragility of life among them – the artworks are bound inextricably to a defiant, irreverent sense of humour. This is immersive art to be enjoyed and cherished, not simply seen, and as long as you keep an open mind – perhaps with your own mental Holes ready to be explored? – you will walk away with expanded horizons." Joel McIver. The Guardian. The Quietus.com

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